FEBRUARY 25, 9:00 AM

at the Minneapolis campus

Includes a special presentation to Chris Nelson by Saddleback Church

Congregational Learning Event February 25, 10:00 am

with Dr. David Lose

Does Luther Still Matter?

This year is the 500th anniversary of the Reformation and the world is taking note. Celebrations have begun around the world. There’s a renewed interest in the work of a German monk who in many ways changed the face of Europe and the western world. But does Luther and his work still matter today? Does this curious and complex figure from 500 years ago have anything to contribute to your life now?  Join Dr. David Lose for an engaging conversation on these questions and others on Saturday, February 25 immediately following the Annual Meeting.

David Lose is the Senior Pastor Elect at Mt. Olivet Lutheran Church in Mpls. He currently serves as the president of The Lutheran Theological Seminary at Philadelphia and was a member of the faculty of Luther Seminary (St. Paul, MN) for 14 years. He is the author of Preaching at the Crossroads (2013), Confessing Jesus Christ (2003), and the popular Making Sense series of books and resources from Augsburg Fortress.