Bethlehem is a vibrant congregation because of you. Thank you for supporting the work we get to do with your prayers, presence and financial gifts.  

This year we’re hoping you’ll consider telling us what your plans for contributing to Bethlehem are.  Sharing your intentions does two powerful things. First, it helps us create a responsible budget for 2020. It allows us to dream big, but also tend to things that need our attention.  It allows us to make good plans, which is good for the health of the congregation. The second thing, and maybe even more important thing, that sharing your financial intentions does is allow you to have a plan.  It allows you to have a conversation. It allows you to think about your priorities and make some commitments to the things that matter most to you and your family. By sharing your intentions you are deciding that your faith, your church, and your community matter and you plan for it.  It doesn’t mean that plans don’t change. But you’ve given it some thought, and you’ve shared your thinking with us. And we’re grateful for that.  

We have a goal of increasing commitments this year by 10%.  That means just 40 more people than last year who make a promise to give a particular amount in 2020.  Will you consider helping us make that goal?  

You can make the commitment yourself, online through your Realm account or fill out the commitment card that will be arriving in the mail. 

Thank you for your generosity in the past and thank you for considering a financial commitment as an investment in the future work God calls us to be doing together.