7th Grade

The focus of 7th grade confirmation is to get to know God and each other better by studying scripture together. We take Bible stories in the Hebrew Scripture, using them as a window into the nature of God and God’s people, and then look at the New Testament to learn about Jesus and His followers.

Unit 1: Who is God?
God is Creator
God is Lover
God is Promise Keeper
God is Boundary Eraser

Unit 2: Who are God’s People?
We are not alone.
We are free.
We are human.
We are forgiven.

Unit 3: Who is Jesus?
Jesus is a Boundary Eraser
Jesus is a Restorer
Jesus is a Lover
Jesus is a Promise Keeper

Unit 4: Who are Jesus’ Followers?
Who do you say God is?
Who do you say Jesus is?
What do you believe?
What are you wondering about?

8th Grade

The yearlong theme in 8th grade takes a fresh look at a well-known Bible verse: Love God by Loving Your Neighbor and Yourself. By showing respect for yourself and your neighbor, you give God glory. We take a closer look at how we can honor our minds, bodies, hearts, and classmates at a time when our identities are making some monumental shifts. Each unit, after story sharing and discussion, students write a covenant to God, promising to respect themselves and their neighbors in tangible ways. Who is God creating us to be in the world?

Unit 1: Respecting Your Neighbor and Your Digital Citizenship
Who is behind the screen?
What story are you telling online?
Can you unplug?
How can you treat others how they want to be treated?

Unit 2: Respecting Your Body
Body Image
Sexuality and Gender
Race and Ethnicity
Play as Prayer

Unit 3: Respecting Your Mind
Multiple Intelligences
Personality types
Mental Health
Brain Teasers

Unit 4: Respecting Your Spirit
Forms of Worship
Spiritual Intelligence
Listening as Prayer
Naming Values

9th Grade

The 9th grade curriculum centers around the major questions that came up for youth concerning God and Jesus. We do not provide answers so much as responses, tools and lenses to help youth approach these lifelong questions of faith.

Unit 1: Can you believe in both God and science?
Are there different kinds of truth?
How do you read the Bible?
How was the canon formed?
Is there a place for certainty in faith?

Unit 2: If God is good, why is there suffering?
Different kinds of suffering
Prayer, Free Will, Evil, Power
Different images of God
Intensifications of God’s Presence

Unit 3: How can Jesus be a person and be God?
Who does the Bible say that Jesus is?
Who do Jews say Jesus is?
Who do Muslims say Jesus is?
Who do you say Jesus is?

Unit 4: How is Jesus calling us to be peacemakers?
See: What are we taught to see and not see?
Immerse: How do we step off the path of comfort into reality?
Contend: What are creative approaches to conflict?
Restore: What does true healing and reconciliation look like?

10th Grade

The 10th grade year will center around questions of the Holy Spirit. It will be a time to delve into the historical Christian Controversies, study what it means to be Lutheran, and begin to articulate what the Spirit is doing in us and our current world. 10th graders are confirmed in February, a opportunity on our faith journey to claim a unique, authentic faith.

What does it mean to believe in a Trinitarian God?
How did the Spirit work through Martin Luther?
What makes us Lutheran?
What are the expressions of Lutheranism?
What is the Spirit doing in the world?
What is the Spirit calling us to?

Events: Projects  ~  Faith Walk  ~  Service of the Cross

Affirmation of Baptism – February 9, 2020