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Mental Health Monday Speaker Series "Moving from Change to Transformation"

Mental Health

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The Monday Night Mental Health Speaker Series is free and open to the public. The theme for the 2020/2021 series is "Hope for the Journey". Join us on the 2nd Monday of (most) months to talk about important topics related to mental health.


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April 12, 2021 @ 6:30 pm - 8:00 pm


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Event Information:

MONDAY, APRIL 12, 2021
Moving from Change to Transformation
Speaker: Karen Astromsky, Wellness Coach
@Bethlehem Lutheran Church Twin Cities MPLS or Zoom

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Karen Astromsky is a wellness coach and motivational speaker with almost two decades of experience, having coached thousands of women (mostly) who wanted more--more for themselves and more for their lives. She specializes in self-improvement, wellness, weight loss, and healthy living with enthusiasm, a sense of humor, and straight talk. Karen has a calm side to balance her big energy. She instructs yoga, qi gong, and meditation with individuals, in groups, at corporate events and retreats, and even on five international cruises. Her belief is that these healing practices are for everyone--regardless of size, shape, age, or fitness level. She intentionally creates a safe space for everyone to feel valued, capable, and part of the group. Karen published her first book in October 2020 entitled "Get Right With Yourself: How to Change for the Better and Transform for the Best." Karen has won praise in her field for being a no-nonsense professional who brings inspiration, motivation, and unforgettable mantras to those who pause to listen. Karen is a proud mother of adult children and knows the world of mental illness, first hand. She manages PTSD having cared for her infant daughter through open-heart surgery and cancer treatment. As works in progress, one and all, Karen believes in the power of change, transformation, and resiliency. Just ask her!

Learning Objectives
1. Acknowledge that change happens to everyone all the time.
2. Accept that change does not define oneself and that transformation is possible for a more fulfilling, contented life.
3. Inspire attendees to take their life circumstances and not judge them, ruminate over them or be depressed by them, but to come to realizations about those experiences so that they.

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