6-Week Bible Study beginning April 27 and April 29
Mondays at 7 pm or Wednesdays at 9:30 am

We have just experienced an extraordinary Holy Week (not to mention the fact that everything about these past several weeks has been out of the ordinary)! We find ourselves asking, Now what? What does the future look like?

The followers of Jesus were asking that question after the resurrection, too. What is this thing that God has done, and how does it shape our life in the world? The Book of Acts tells stories of how the early followers of Jesus tried to make sense of a changing reality.  We’ll take a look at those stories in worship, as well as through a weekly Bible study using Dr. Matt Skinner’s new book, Acts: Catching up with the Spirit. We’ll pay attention to how God acted then as we wonder anew about where God might be leading us now.

Dr. Matt Skinner, author of the new book, Acts: Catching Up with the Spirit, will lead the conversation on May 18. Please join us! Contact Pastor Kris if you are just joining us for this meeting.


There are several ways to join the conversation:

We encourage you to get your hands on the book if you can. Order it online, or download the Kindle version. If it suits you best simply to show up for the conversation, that’s ok, too. We’ll read the Book of Acts with new eyes this year. We hope you’ll join us for the conversation!