Sundays, December 8 and 15

Tired of buying gifts that collect dust in a closet somewhere? Give the gift of hope through Bethlehem’s Alternative Gift Fair.

Instead of buying another sweater for Uncle Alex, buy him a malaria net to help save one of the 1 million lives lost every year due to malaria, or plant some trees to help deforestation. Uncle Alex will receive a card from you telling him about the gift given in his honor, and you can be sure this year’s gift won’t collecting dust.

Instead of another vase for Grandma, choose some chicks or a welcome kit for someone arriving in an emergency shelter here in Minneapolis. She’ll love to know that she’s helping others and will be thrilled to know that you chose something of interest to her.

You’ll be able to purchase these and other meaningful gifts for loved ones. Fill out the online Shopping List below or print the PDF version here. You can also pick up a paper shopping list at the fair December 8 and 15.

When you purchase gifts, you receive an insert describing your gift, ready to mail or give as an alternative gift to family and friends. Purchase a greeting card to go with the insert if you wish, or include it with your own card. People locally and around the world all benefit, as we help empower the world’s poorest citizens and make a difference in nourishing a more equitable global community.

Online Shopping List

Alternative Gift Fair 2019

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