How is God calling us to love all of creation? Kiara Jorgenson, a theological ethicist from St.Olaf, is offering a three part series on faithful care of creation. September 15: Care of Creation and the Bible January 26: Care of Creation as Calling May 3: Despair and Hope in Care of Creation Work.

Join us in Harrisville at 9:00 or 10:15 am. Though this is a three-part speaker series, join us for as many as you are interested in or able to attend!

Care of Creation and The Bible (September 15)
Let’s start at the beginning. Our creation stories are seeped with themes around taking care of our planet. We are creatures in a rich web of life, entrusted to protect God’s beautiful creation. We’ll take a deep dive into Genesis 2 and see how these ancient themes are relevant today.

Care of Creation as Calling (January 26)
God calls us in big and small ways to build a life that honors all of God’s creation. Ecological vocation includes our posturing, mindset and daily actions as part of the web of life. Join us in a discussion about our Christian calling to care of our environment.

Hope and Despair in Care of Creation (May 3)
How do we work individually and communally to care for creation without getting overwhelmed and burnt out? It is easy to get discouraged and feel like our actions don’t matter. We will discuss where to find the audacity to hope even in the darkest days so God’s healing and restorative work can continue.