7th, 8th, and 9th-grade students, with leadership and support from 10th-grade students, will compete in 4 rounds of competition for the honor of winning the CLASS CUP TROPHY and a 250 Point head start in the Fall Class Cup Competition.

Competition Schedule

Students can opt into participation in as many or as few competitions as they are able. However, the more students who participate, the higher the chance that their grade will win! The competitions are:

  • Sun., May 10: Scavenger Hunt
  • Mon., May 11, 6:30 pm: Jackbox Game
  • Tues., May 12, 7:00 pm: Bingo
  • Wed., May 13, 6:30 pm: Class Cup Spirit Competition and Final Game

For each round of competition, the grade who wins will earn 50 points toward their final score. The grade who places second will earn 30 points toward their final score. The grade in third place will earn 15.

Scavenger Hunt
Sunday, May 10
Throughout the day on Sunday, find each item on the list, take a picture with your face and the item in frame, and send photos to your confirmation leader with your grade and full name or tag us in the picture on Instagram.
7th Grade: Peter ([email protected], @bym_tc)
8th Grade: Ellen ([email protected], @bym_tc)
9th Grade: Ellie ([email protected], @bym_tc)

Jackbox Games
Monday, May 11, 6:30 pm
On Monday night at 6:30 pm, join the Jackbox Game Zoom gathering for the second round of Class Cup Competition. Peter will divide students into teams by grade. Please sign in to your Zoom account before joining. Email Peter for the Zoom link.

Tuesday, May 12, 7:00 pm
Ellen and Emily will host a game of virtual BINGO via Zoom. Please sign in to your Zoom account before joining. Register for the Zoom meeting in advance so Ellen and Emily can prepare the playing cards. Email Ellen for the Zoom link.

Spirit Competition and Final Game
Wednesday, May 13, 6:30 pm
Everyone will come together via Zoom for the Class Cup Virtual Olympics Finale. Points will be awarded for the following competitions, judged by small group leaders:

  • Best Virtual Background Competition
  • Wildest Hair Competition
  • Twin Competition (match with another student)
  • Bethlehem Youth Spirit Competition (deck yourself out in Bethlehem gear!)
The final game will be Know Your Leader Trivia! In small groups with your grade, you will answer 8 total questions, two each about Peter, Ellen, Ellie, and Emily! Email Peter for the Zoom link.