Monday Night Mental Health Speaker Series & Mental Health Connect Present…

Moving from Anxiety to Optimal Wellbeing


MONDAY, MAY 11, 2020

Speaker: L. Read Sulik, MD, CEO & CMO Praestan Health
6:30-8:00PM Presentation


In keeping with the global focus on the Novel Coronavirus, Dr. Sulik will address anxiety in the midst of the COVID 19 pandemic and how we can Move from Being Anxious to Being Smart, Safe, and Strong Together during COVID19″


This popular workshop will help you understand the “Exploding Canvas of Anxiety” and 4 steps you can take to help you gain control of the chaos. You will learn to recognize the signals of rising arousal and the emotional, physical and cognitive changes and problems that can ensue. You will be guided to discover proven practices that calm arousal and change the patterns of thinking that perpetuate anxiety.  You will learn to recognize “hot burner thoughts” as habits and which strategies can be used to effectively change negative thinking patterns. You will have an opportunity to practice methods to embrace and tolerate discomfort. Learn about the “superpower” qualities that people with anxiety have that must be harnessed to manage anxiety most effectively. This workshop is designed to get you started on your own path or to help you guide others on their own path to optimal wellbeing.

Learning Objectives

  • Identify the emotional, physiological and cognitive changes in anxiety.
  • Recognize the interpersonal problems, performance and functioning problems and behavior problems in anxiety.
  • Practice being actively aware of your level of Wellbeing.
  • Practice being actively aware of signals that you are stressed.
  • Practice Positivity.
  • Practice feeling grateful when you experience something positive!

Click here to view the livestream event on Monday, May 11, 20202 at 6:30PM. You must use a computer, table or smartphone to view the livestream.

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