After gathering health and safety recommendations from the CDC and both Minnesota and Colorado’s government officials, we have decided at this time that the best way to keep ourselves and our neighbors safe is to cancel this service-learning trip.

Ellen is working to create a Minneapolis Immersion service-learning opportunity this summer instead. Please send questions to Ellen at [email protected].

When: July 11 – July 19, 2020
Cost: $495 plus $50 cash for on the road food costs
Ages: 7th-12th grade

As a whole church, Bethlehem Twin Cities is prioritizing “Becoming Together.” The youth will lean into the idea that we are growing and learning as a community by working with the St. Francis Center to explore the topic of homelessness through workshops, reflections and community engagement on a service-learning trip to Denver this summer. Throughout our experience in Denver, we will learn ways to deepen our own understanding of people experiencing homelessness in our own communities and begin to brainstorm ways to incorporate our new ideas and knowledge into our daily lives.

Deadlines and Dates:

Dec. 15: Registration and $100 deposit due
Feb. 9: $200 payment due
June 7: Pre-Meeting 6:00-7:00 pm (required) and final $195 payment due
June 24: Pre-Meeting 6:30-8:00 pm (required)
July 6: Pre-Meeting 6:30-8:00 pm (required)