Bethlehem Twin Cities Care Ministry Response to the COVID-19 Crisis

Every need in the world is an opportunity to share God’s love.  At BLCTC, we are responding to the Covid-19 crisis with love and care for others, We want to serve those in need—the most vulnerable.

Here is how you can help:

  1. 1.  Callers:  Help individuals feel more connected and identify the needs of people in the congregation. To call and give birthday wishes to those who are home and isolated.

2.  Packagers: We are looking to make care packages for those who are home and unable to get out and are in need of essential items.  When needs are identified, we will need volunteers to assemble the packages.

3.  Drivers:  We are looking to have a few drivers available to drive individuals to doctor/medical appointments, if necessary.  This is to have a list of volunteers available if the need arises. Run errands for the more vulnerable: grocery run, pick up medication etc

4,  Donate:  Donate to BLCTC’ Starfish Ministry. Starfish will have funds to help members of our congregation who are experiencing financial concerns related to the COVID-19 virus.

5. Pray: Pray for those who are experiencing the illness, for our world, for the medical people who are caring for the ill and for the research of this vaccine so more people will be protected.


If YOU are in need- Here are some things we can help with:

1.  Financial resources; Starfish, County
2.  Grocery or food items
3.  List of restaurants that are providing food
4.  Mental Health Resources (MHC)
5. Devotional material or spiritual care call

Call Diane Waarvik at 612-312-3375 or email at [email protected]