Who: You!
What: Minnetonka Care Series
When: Sundays during Epiphany
Where: A Coffee Hour Table in Fellowship Hall
Led By: Heidi Peterson

Join is for care ministry conversations inspired by the preaching text from that Sunday morning. Led by our Faith Community Nurse Heidi, she will share information, lead discussion and fellowship about one topic that appeals to you or the whole series! No registration required. Just show up after worship and join the conversation.

January 12 – “Rethink your drink!”
We begin with the baptism of Jesus and water! Start the new year with ideas that will keep you hydrated and can develop healthy beverage habits for 2020. 

January 19 – “Transportation”
In worship we hear a story about a man’s friends lowering him through the roof of a house into the presence of Jesus. How do we support members who are unable to drive to access community and participate in worship? What are the affordable public transportation options in our neighborhood? 

January 26 – “Picking Up the Phone”
In worship we hear a story about Jesus calling the disciples. How do we reach out to each other in times of illness, grief or celebration? A phone call can mean a lot.

>February 2 – “Random Acts of Kindness”
In worship we hear the story of the Good Samaritan. We’ll share stories about random acts of kindness we’ve experienced and come up with ways to surprise others during the week with unexpected grace or generosity.

February 9 – “The Little Ones”
In worship we hear about the lost sheep and the lost coin. Children are among the most vulnerable and important to the kingdom of heaven. How do we ensure a safe and loving experience for kids and families at church? We’ll join the Parents of Infants and Toddlers gathering for fellowship and new connections.

February 16 – “Bless the Curious Explorers”
In worship we hear the story of the Prodigal Son. We’ll pray for the young people in our lives who are exploring the world, trying new things and building community far from home. Then we’ll create care packages for young adults from our faith community to remind them they are loved across time and space. 

February 23 – “Transitions Abound”
It’s Transfiguration Sunday, which is a great opportunity to talk about change. How do you decide when it’s time for you or a loved one to stop driving, to transition to assisted living, to update a living will or healthcare directive? Let’s figure it out together.