We are pairing Sunday School and ECHO children with adults (YOU) to pray for each other. Would you like to partner in prayer?

Children will send you a card with a list of their prayer requests in October. You may write them back to them at the church and mail it or place your letter in our special Prayer Partner mailbox in the church Gallery in Minneapolis and Fellowship Hall in Minnetonka.


For the month of October, we will be connecting children with prayer partners from our congregation to learn the importance of intergenerational connection and interceding in prayer for one another.

Prayer is one of the central components of how Christians connect with God. During Sunday School and ECHO we want to encourage and develop this skill so they can move forward feeling equipped to pray for others and to ask for prayer when needed.

We value a united body of Christ at Bethlehem Lutheran Church Twin Cities and this begins with connection, not only with peers, but with those different from us in stages of life and experience. Prayer partners will support the children in learning the power and place of prayer and connecting different areas of our congregation.