Beacon has committed to doing its part to slow the spread of COVID-19 and those they support. Due to their concern, Beacon has moved all of their families in the shelter program to motels. 

It is costing them $15,000 per week to support their families in their shelter programs by purchasing additional cleaning supplies and the motel rooms. The families will be staying at least through April 25 and they will determine later in April whether the motel period needs to be extended. During this time, congregations will partner with Beacon to provide daily meals for families sheltered in these motels. 

Bethlehem Minnetonka was set to host families April 5 -18, but will now be hosting daily meals for up to 25 people during that time. By donating to Bethlehem’s COVID-19 Response fund, you can help us support Beacon and the services they provide for their sheltered families.  Click here to donate. 

Additionally, Beacon took action through policy by supporting the COVID-19 response package that includes $50 Million of support for emergency shelters and $100 Million in rental assistance. The bill was passed last Saturday on March 28 by Governor Walz. For more information about what Beacon is doing and how to get involved, check out a recent town hall meeting here: