Youth Choir

Join us after confirmation for Youth Choir! Come learn and laugh, raise your voice to heaven, and add your note to the collective beauty. Choral singing, being an essential part of the whole and connecting to voices of our ancestors is a spiritual experience. Youth choir is a fun, engaging, playful environment to train your voice, learn new songs, add to worship, and bond with your friends. Regardless of your training or experience, you are welcome!

Practice is from 7:45-8:30 pm on Wednesday evenings in Harrisville, and will be performing mostly during the 10:15 am service.

Youth String Band

Bring your instrument and join in the fun! Our string band is a tight-knit group of committed players who are excited to welcome you no matter what your talent or experience. Hone your listening skills, work together as a team and play your own note, adding to the swell of beautiful music. You will learn so much about yourself, music, and being part of an ensemble.

Practice is from 7:45-8:30 Wednesday evenings in the Drama Room following confirmation, and plays during some worship services and accompanies the youth choir. Led by Steve Staruch.