Addiction and Hope
Sunday, March 11, 10:30-11:30 am, Harrisville

Alcoholism and addiction is a diagnosable disease no different from cancer or diabetes. It is described in the Alcoholics Anonymous book as a “mental obsession” and “physical allergy.” What are the signs? How do we get help? Bethlehem member and recent Washburn High School graduate, Harrison Korblick Jay, will share his personal and very new story of pain, struggle, and awakening and the hope that AA has brought to him and his family.


Sticks and Stones May Break My Bones But Words Dehumanize Me
Wednesday, April 11, 6:30-7:45 pm, Sanctuary

Allegra Smisek teaches Global Studies to 8th graders at Hopkins North Junior High School where she has taught since 2008. Allegra is also the American Indian Education Program lead and oversees the social studies curriculum for over 7,000 students, grades K-12, in the Hopkins School District. Allegra will talk about the possible connections between dehumanization through language and the prevalence of sexual assault in the United States, as well as steps we can take the educate the next generation to create a safer and more inclusive society.

Unpacking Jerusalem
Sunday, May 6, 10:30-11:30 am, Harrisville

The status of Jerusalem is one of the key negotiating points for Israeli/Palestinian peace talks. Join Nicole Hark to better understand its importance beyond the historical or tourist sites and the ripple effect of the US recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. Nicole Hark is the Deputy Regional Director for Asia & the Middle East at Lutheran World Relief (LWR). Nicole has managed development projects in India, Indonesia, Nepal, Palestine, The Philippines, and Sri Lanka, and worked on election education and civic participation programs in North Africa and the Middle East. She has her Master’s degree in International Peace and Conflict Resolution from American University.