by Whitney Stofflet // April 3rd, 2018

It’s mind-blowing, earth altering news.  Jesus is alive. Death has been defeated.  Life wins. It’s great, but now what? How do we live with the knowledge that things are different when in many ways it still feels the same.  Each of the gospel writers were struggling with this experience as they told their stories of what happened after Jesus was crucified. These stories give us clues into what life looks like on this side of Easter, where our every impulse has us wondering, “Great…Now What?”

April 8 – John 20:19-30

April 15 – Luke 24:13-32

April 22 – John 21:1-14

April 29 – John 21:15-25

May 6 – Mark 16:1-8

May 13 – Matthew 28:1-20