Youth Summer 2018
Green Lake Bible Camp The Global Immersion Project - Israel/Palestine Amnicon Canoe Trip Vacation Bible School Camper, CIT, or Staff Serve Boldly: Chicago

Green Lake Bible Camp

Spicer, MN
1st-12th Grade
July 29-August 3

Spiritual Gifts - seeking, adventurous, active

Why We Love this!
Each Summer, Bethlehem Lutheran Church Twin Cities sends youth to Green Lake Bible Camp for a week of great fun, fabulous food, and enriching prayer. Youth come home from camp refreshed and renewed with a stronger relationship with God, new friends from Bethlehem and other churches, and a desire to get more involved at church.


Contact Jessica with any questions.

The Global Immersion Project - Israel/Palestine

11th - Adult
July 19-26
$2,900 + flight

Spiritual Gifts - hungry, empathetic, passionate

Why We Love This!
Why not go to the center of conflict to learn how to make peace? You get to walk where Jesus walked and meet folks who are working tirelessly to bring reconciliation to our hurting world. Click here for more information!

Contact Soren or Steph with any questions.

Amnicon Canoe Trip

Flambeau River, WI
7th - 12th Grade
July 8th-13th

Spiritual Gifts - positive, reflective, cooperative

Why We Love This!
Nature is powerful. Rapids are fun! Sharing a tent bonds people. You will meet God in the water.

Contact Soren with any questions.

Vacation Bible School Camper, CIT, or Staff

Bethlehem Minneapolis campus
4 Years - 12th Grade
June 27- July 1
CITs and Staff:


Spiritual Gifts - curious, patient, silly

Why We Love This!
Little Kids are joyful and wise. It's fun to have kids look up to you. God loves silly messy beautiful. Leading brings confidence and clarity.

Contact Kirsten with any questions.

Serve Boldly: Chicago

Serve Boldly: Chicago
7th -12th graders
July 22-27, 2018
$450--fundraising will lower this cost

Why we love this trip:
God is everywhere all the time, yet sometimes it takes leaving home to be able to return with new eyes. We will travel to Chicago to play with kids, serve at food pantries, worship, reach out to the homeless community and see the sights in this richly diverse and vibrant city. We will go to the center of this urban hub to experience God, learn, grow and be transformed by serving our marginalized neighbors. Serve Boldly, our partner, is an ELCA Lutheran organization that gives youth the opportunity to meet God through accompanying their neighbors.