My soul will boast about you, O God;
let the oppressed hear and be glad.

A Hit to the Theology of Glory:
God does not shy away from sorrow but comes especially for the oppressed. Those who look to God are radiant; so their faces are uncovered from shame.

The Real Version of You:
Already and always enough. No prep necessary. When we are turned to God, our shame fades and melts.

Come, O children, listen to me;
I will teach you to revere the Lord.

No levels or graduation:
A Way of Being. We do not gather as the masters of faith, but as children learning to practice.

Home, Location, Incarnation:
A simple and sacred belonging to God, creation, each other. God can’t stay away. Makes a home with us time and again. Bath time. Feeds us dinner. Shoos us off into the world… to speak so the oppressed hear good news, to be radiant and revealed from shame, to never stop learning what it means to revere God.

We hold the story for one another:
Margaret Lynn and Cora Rose, you are loved beyond measure by the God who cannot stay away, who stands with you, who encamps around you, who shows you how to abide in awe for your Maker. When you forget, and you will, come home to recall this day, to taste this feast, and to remember the sacred power of belonging.