by Whitney Stofflet // November 8th, 2016

At first, you handle it with a bit of awe, bordering on reverence.  After all, someone else has entrusted you with it.  They’ve given it to you to use for a while, so you’re extra careful.  You don’t want it to get smudged, chipped, or ruined.  But the longer you have it, the more cavalier you become.  You start to act like it’s yours.  Pretty soon you start to believe it’s yours.  And then…

God stakes a claim on each one of us.  The whole of our lives belong to God.  This is an incredible promise but it’s one that invites some hard work on our part and wrestling with some hard questions. How do you use the money you have?  What are your goals and your dreams?  What about the time you’ve been given on this earth?  What if it isn’t yours?


November 6     Revelation 21:1-6a, John 11:32-44   All Saints Sunday

Minneapolis Sermon Text
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November 13   Luke 20:45-21:4  Wealth & Money

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November 20   John 12:20-26     Your Life

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