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The Great Escape

Fires. Floods. Global Refugee Crisis.

You grab what you can & GET OUT.

…Grateful alive -> Fear forgotten…


The days and weeks pass…

clutching the things you grabbed

as they wear with dirt and tears.

photos, trunk, linen, bowls,

police report from El Salvador


Just things!

But they remind you who you are:

Inherent Dignity

Big Belonging

Powerful Love.


I would take my quilt.

(The story of my quilt.)

When life is a disaster, I wrap myself up in this ordinary thing because it tells an extraordinary story that makes no sense.

The object itself is a miracle, moving me beyond my reasonable, measured dreams into God’s wildest dreams.


Real Presence


Ordinary objects able to hold the extraordinary presence, power, and promises of God. Incarnation!

But it was up for debate in 1530s.

Catholics: Substance Changes form during the Lord’s Supper.


Luther and Reform friends agreed

– not a sacrifice made by the priest

– both bread and wine offered

– Supper should be received in faith


Only disagreed about how Christ is present in the meal.

Together with = inseparable?

Calvin taught that the HS gathered our spirits to commute to a feast at the right hand of God.

Luther: When Jesus throws a party, he shows up. We don’t need to micromanage where/when Jesus is present with the 3 promises. We don’t have to solve it or understand it for real presence to happen.


Never Neutral

Comforts the afflicted.

Afflicts the comforted.

Serious change!

We cannot get the morsel and sip without getting the real presence of Jesus, who is changing us from the inside out. He’s here, daring us to believe that if this simple meal *

hold the presence, power, and promises of God, then maybe

we do too!


Do you come like a beggar to the table, like a sinner through a soup line with your hands open for love and transformation?

And do you know that you are sent back out into your plain old life

filled and sustained by a God who reminds you who you are? In the midst of so much change, this is what we hold onto.

Christ’s presence is never neutral. In this meal, we are summoned to the quilting table with the most unlikely companions for the sake of a dream much bigger than ourselves and miracles God desires for the world.

If God is really present, we can grab what we need and move into the unknown, through fear and sure we have not been forgotten.