First Name Last Name Contact Title
Ben Cieslik 612.312.3406
Associate Pastor - Youth Ministry, Worship, Communication and Technology
Chris Nelson 612-312-3403
Senior Pastor
Rob Norris-Weber 612-312-3419
Spirit Garage Pastor
Kris Tostengard-Michel 612-312-3410
Pastor of Spiritual Formation
Bob Wertz 612.312.3368
Pastor of Stewardship and Planning Giving
Meghan Anderson 612-312-3413
Ministry Assistant for Care, Outreach and Faith Formation
Maria Bucka 612-312-3411
Director of Music and Organist
Bethlehem Custodian 612-312-3416
Peggy Dunn 612-312-3417
Director of Communications
Alyssa Dybvig 612-312-3365
Ministry Assistant for Membership
Chris Haugen 612-312-3402
Stewardship Ministry Assistant
Sandy Jackson 612.312.3408
Ron Jay 612-827-5599
KinderChoir Director
Renee Kirchner 612-312-3409
Director of Administration
Janet Lauber 612-312-3418
Director of Wedding Ministry
Darryl Loken 763-537-3830
Ann Masica
Children and Family Ministry Coordinator
Julie McChesney 612-312-3405
Social Worker
Michael McDeid 612-414-8863
Worship Ensemble Director
Mindy Mennicke 612-290-7024
Chorister Choir Director
David Mennicke 651-641-8828
Choir Director
Anna Michel 612-312-3401
Director of Infant and Toddler Ministry
Heidi Mogush 612-709-7881
Cherubs Choir Director
Wendy Osman 612-312-3363
Director of New Member and Volunteer Ministry
Kirsten Patterson 612-312-3420
Director of Children and Family Ministry
Soren Poffenberger 612-312-3367
Youth Ministry Specialist
Gretchen Porter 612-312-3414
Parish Nurse, MS, M.Ac
Ellie Roscher 612-312-3415
Director of Youth & Story Development
Steph Smith 612-312-3369
Director of Faith Integration
Whitney Stofflet 612-312-3364
Design and Communications Specialist
Diane Waarvik 612-312-3405
Director of Congregational Care Ministries
Bryan Wheeler 612-312-3412
Facilities Manager