This community is never finished BECOMING TOGETHER, sharing in the work of God’s vision for a healed world. 


When you become a member at Bethlehem, you are making an investment in what happens next. Joining an organization is pretty counter-cultural these days, especially when it does not require that you earn your place or prove yourself worthy. You are already and always enough. We celebrate the ways you connect with other people and your purpose in the world – and are blessed by the ways these things are revealed at Bethlehem. 

Church is always changing, so the way we welcome new members evolves too. We think it’s important to begin by getting to know each other in ways that make sense for your gifts, interests, and schedule.

  • Come to a new member gathering or have coffee with a pastor.
  • Serve communion in worship or attend the Mental Health Speaker Series. 
  • Go on a tour of Beacon Housing or volunteer with Families Moving Forward.
  • Tend the community garden or bake a dessert for a funeral reception.

Every journey into belonging at Bethlehem is different. There are lots of right ways to build relationships, grow faith, and invest with generosity. Let’s figure it out together. We’ll connect you with a Bethlehem Field Guide, a member who knows this congregation well and can help Bethlehem get to know you. Together, you’ll choose opportunities to worship, connect, serve, and discover there’s a place for you here. 

Contact us with any questions.  We can’t wait to get started!  

Steph Smith
Director of Faith Integration
[email protected]

Meta Herrick Carlson
Minnetonka Campus Pastor
[email protected]