It’s All Free!

Chances are if it has a “free” sign on it, you don’t want it.  Most of the time somebody is just begging you to take it off their hands.  It’s the leftovers and the cast offs that are free.  It’s the stuff of little value that’s free.  But not with Jesus.  With Jesus, you get only the best.  You get the things of ultimate worth.  In Jesus God gives to us life, hope, freedom, and a future.  It’s all free.

October 7 – Free to Love – Mark 10:1-16

October 14 – Freed from Possessions – Mark 10: 17-31

October 21 – Free to Give – Mark 10: 35-45

October 28 – Freed by Truth – Jeremiah 31: 31-34, John 8: 31-36

This Changes Everything

All humanity lives with core needs that motivate our decisions and actions.  Each of us lives with unique filters that inform our perspective. A relationship with God through Jesus Christ changes everything. Join us in worship this September for stories about the difference an encounter with Jesus makes.

September 9 – Open Up – Mark 7:24-37

September 16 – Divine Things – Mark 8: 27-38

September 23 – Become A Child – Mark 9: 30-37

September 30 – Don’t Stop – Mark 9: 38-50