Our Vision

Becoming Together – sharing in the work of God’s vision for a healed world.

We are always becoming — something new, something holy, something healing, something life-changing and world-altering. God meets us where we are and moves us toward who we are created to be. We are becoming together — listening and learning, changing and growing. And it happens:

God to People — God comes to us so that we can live for others. God loves us without condition and without end so that we can find the strength and the courage to be signs of Christ’s love in the world.

People to People — Relationships change us and change the world. By being in relationship with one another we discover more about the challenges that are confronting us as people at this time in history.

People to Place — Home matters. Having access to safe and affordable housing makes a difference. We’re committed to working with local partners to help more people have access to a home that allows them to live.

People to Planet — We’ve made a mess of this world. But God has blessed us with the power to make things better, to work for change, to care for the creation God loves.

Our framework for becoming together:
Relationships are the foundation of a meaningful life. We depend on others for our survival, both physical and spiritual. We are created to share with others the fullness of life in this world. We are intentional about how to be in healthy relationships that foster meaning and purpose.

  • KNOWN: We are fully known and loved unconditionally by God. We seek to be fully known and care for one another.
  • CHALLENGED: We don’t have a monopoly on what is right. Through our conversations with God and each other, our assumptions are challenged. None of us have it figured out. We are certain about a few things and curious about the rest. 
  • CHANGED: We expect to be different. Daily we seek forgiveness, daily we look for new ways to live more faithfully. Each day is a new opportunity to show up and be present. 
  • SENT: Faith is our lens for living. What we do together should be of benefit to those places we go. We are agents of God’s healing and wholeness: God to people, people to people, people to place and people to planet.

Who We Are

Founded in 1894, Bethlehem Lutheran Church Twin Cities is a congregation with a long history of showing up in remarkable ways to share the good news of God’s love made known in Jesus Christ. The congregation continues to evolve and grow.

In 2016, we became one church with two campuses. Located in urban (Minneapolis) and suburban (Minnetonka) neighborhoods, you’ll find a faith community both unique to its context and united in its commitment to create space and time for God to form relationships that provide meaning as we share in the work of God’s vision for a healed world.