Reach Forward in Faith 2021 Annual Operating Fund

Bethlehem is a vibrant congregation because of you. Thank you for supporting the work we get to do with your prayers, presence and financial gifts.  

The 2020 Stewardship campaign officially begins on Sunday, September 20 with an invitation for members of this congregation to prayerfully consider a financial commitment to Bethlehem’s mission and ministry for 2021. Watch for materials to arrive in the mail. Your pledge helps leadership prioritize the work we’re called to do. But here’s the thing: stewardship isn’t a one-time event or a seasonal campaign about money. It’s an ongoing spiritual practice that is never done. It’s a practice that starts from and is always centered in love. Stewardship tends to how we shepherd the whole of our lives in order to be expressions of gospel love in the world.

As we anticipate 2021, we know the miracle of God’s unfolding spirit is inviting us into something new. Your gifts make Bethlehem’s day-to-day ministry and community outreach possible.

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You can make your commitment online through your Realm account or fill out the pledge form that will be arriving in the mail. The form is also attached below.

Becoming Together Through Generosity Pledge Form

Please contact Lisa Quist with any questions.

Stewardship Ministry Coordinator

Lisa Quist

Phone: 612-312-3405